The challenges facing integrated water management across the world like flooding and urban design, rural water and sanitation, climate change, water and energy, water foot-printing, etc., increasingly require skilled and competent professionals who are able to cross social, environmental and technological boundaries. There are many aspects of water loss management and these were reflected in the training, which took the participants through a range of themes such as economic and social benefits of water loss management, pressure management, leak detection, reservoir drop tests, flow/pressure logging, water auditing and different communication strategies. In this respect the development of innovative competence-based e-training programme covering the key aspects of Water Loss Management is of major need. By applying the EQF and ECVET concept EC-AQUA project helps for better understanding the importance of integrated water management from a global to local scale. Spreading over the principles of managing water supply, wastewater treatment and urban infrastructure projects it provides opportunities for upgrade the level of professionals who want to change career direction or gain new perspectives in their fields.

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