Intellect Foundation

Intellect Foundaiton As the EC-AQUA management coordinator, Intellect Foundation is responsible for the smooth development of overall project activities, including: project scheme design; development of specific activities, deliverables and outcomes; outlining the project valorisation policy and monitoring, and the post-project life. The Foundation translates and updates the EC-AQUA model, performs evaluation events for valorisation of its outcomes. Intellect gets support from international net of educational and research units for ensuring the post-project life.

Intellect Foundation brings together people, engaged in tuition, research, development and product popularization in the field of biology and public health, including economic and legal aspects and application of ICT. It aims at applying research results in practice, integrating people who need updating/upgrading of their professional skills, nurturing interest in young people to a professional career in the target fields. Intellect offers the project partnership expertise in development and management of national and international projects.

Intellect Foundation

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